With state of the art facilities and a prime location, Gazeley Stud is the ideal place to board your breeding stock.

Combining Gazeley Stud and Wyck Hall Stud, we have a total of 200 acres of land, housing around 90 stables, with 12 nursery paddocks, winter paddocks, walkers and lunging rings that allow us to offer top class care to our horses.

Our pastures are primed for optimum foetal development and Gazeley Stud is the ideal place to raise young stock.

Our recently built foaling unit has 24h surveillance, CCTV cameras and dedicated staff to ensure mares and new born foals receive the utmost attention and care.

We have vets on call 24/7 with their surgery being less than 10 minutes away from the stud, and we have our own horse box to provide immediate transportation should it be required.

The peace and tranquillity at the farm also provides a great place for racehorses to come and take a break. Whether they are simply holidaying or need some TLC and recuperation, we can provide a unique rest period to suit your horse’s requirements. The horses are kept separate from the broodmares and we work very closely with the vets and trainers to ensure optimum recovery.

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